Herxing vs Retracing

Herx Vs. Retracing

Herxing or a herx reaction is the “die-off process” when the spirochetes die and the body is ridding itself of neurotoxins. (It is described in our Protocol.) The component melittin in Bee Venom kills the Lyme spirochete (see the Rocky Mountain research, by Lubke and Garon {1997}). Herxing is part of the die-off process when the neurotoxins need to be flushed out of the body when the Lyme spirochete is killed. Herxing often feels like flu-like symptoms (see protocol). Retracing, on the other hand, is very specific to each individual patient. It does not come from die-off. It happens to anyone doing BVT, homeopathy, and acupuncture. It is when you personally revisit an old symptom that you had in the past. So, if you have experienced depression in the past with Lyme, before starting BVT; you might re-experience some depression as you heal. Re-tracing is a short-lived process. It ebbs and flows. Sometimes people feel like they are going backwards with retracing. They think, “ I thought I was done with this issue.” But we heal backwards to forwards, so we have to re-trace our steps, like Hansel and Gretel, following their bread crumbs. Actually both herxing and retracing are good signs that the body is doing well. But they may not be “fun.” Anything that lies dormant within the body will be brought up to the surface to be healed. This is one reason bee venom is effective. It gets to the root cause rather than treating the branches (symptom relief). We want to get to the heart of the matter and not just put a band aid on a symptom.Herx reaction is caused by die-off as the body works to rid itself from neurotoxin. Retracing is not caused by die-off. It’s the homeopathic way underlying issues are addressed, then released. Anything dormant within the body will be brought to the surface. This is one reason bee venom is effective. It gets to the root of the matter rather than just symptom relief.

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