Recovery vs Remission

Recovery vs Remission

When using BVT for Lyme disease, we use the term “recovery” to mean that all spirochetes have been eradicated from our bodies. Remission is a temporary state of relief in symptoms without full recovery. Relapse is what inevitably happens after a remission, since there are still spirochetes in hiding that eventually replicate and cause a renewing of symptoms. The goal of BVT for Lyme is full recovery not remission.

The use of antibiotics, while effective for some Lyme patients to gain recovery, more often causes a temporary remission in the case of late-stage Lyme, because the spirochetes recognize the abx as a threat and go into hiding. They can do this either through building biofilm which most abx can’t penetrate, through going into a cyst form which changes the proteins on the cell walls which makes many antibiotics ineffective, by burrowing deeper into poor circulation areas such as cartilage, or the brain where the immune system is less effective so as to not injure our most important organ, and even by hiding inside our own immune cells. Once abx are stopped, the spirochetes eventually come out of hiding to replicate, and a relapse occurs. .

Bee venom is different in that it is not recognized as an immediate threat by the spirochetes and therefore they do not go into hiding. The venom continues to kill Borrelia at all times. Therefore when we experience symptoms during BVT, it is never considered a relapse, but rather a herxheimer reaction or retracing of old symptoms. The venom makes chronic conditions acute so they can be addressed, which can bring out uncomfortable symptoms from years ago, and can make more recent symptoms worse before they get better. Over the course of 2-3 years, all of the pathogens will be killed throughout the body, and you may experience several cycles of feeling worse and then feeling better. It takes a long time for full recovery because Borrelia is very persistent and wily, and we must ensure that we are more persistent than they are and continuously catch the spirochetes as they come out of all their hiding spots.

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