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VIDEO: The Bee Buddy and how to use it

How to put bees in a Bee Buddy for Apitherapy

Catching a Bee in Tweezers for BVT- Apitherapy

How to remove bees from the tent enclosure/butterfly enclosure/net hampers

How to sting with a dead bee by Julie

Learning How to Slide the Stingers out of the Body Along the Skin:

Stinging to Boost the Adrenals and Kidneys – An Advanced Treatment

Checkmate Strategies to Expand your Stings after the Third Month:


Dying To Be Stung – (YouTube Video) edited by David Bradford

My journey from Hell and back – Belinda Tveit Williams’ Story:

Welcome to my world the beginning of realization. 2013

4th month after and still on antibiotic treatments the treatments slowly started getting useless I came off all prescriptions medications and just decided to trust the Lord and was at peace I was using only medicinal cannabis to help with the pain.

And now my last video after 4 months on BVT

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