Stinging Your Extremities


I never jump from the spine to the neck, head, low back, arms, hands, fingers, legs, and toes in one giant leap. Remember stinging the extremities is only done after 3 months of stinging near the spine or abdomen.

So, if I want to sting the arm, I usually creep my way down the arm ….slowly, with test stings (and only one per session). I do this over maybe 1-2 weeks… This way the extremity gets used to the venom…. If the problem is in the elbow… you will end up getting there faster than if you are trying to go to the wrist. If you go to the wrist, hand, or fingers too fast, they will swell a lot. The fingers really swell the most…because there is no place for the venom to spread out. So once you get down to your wrist area, take off all your rings, watch, and any bracelets.

I once got five stings on my palm (while cleaning out an old hive). The bees were dead but the stingers were intact. My palm and fingers swelled up so much I could barely drive… I had only been stinging my spine area at that time… So I learned from that experience and other mistakes and misadventures… not to go to the extremities too early.

So, if for example, your goal is to get to your elbow, start at the top of your arm where the arm meets the shoulder. Do a test sting there. Then the next time go down several inches and do a test sting… Then the next time, go down a few more inches and do another test sting…This kind of creeping involves only test stings… Then maybe by the next time you can do a test sting on your elbow’s most painful spot… Then the following sting day… do a full sting on your elbow. That is how I would do it if my goal was to get to the elbow.

If you goal is to get to the wrist… You would just keep on doing one test sting each session until you get there.

If you are trying to go down the leg, you follow the same concept. You add one test sting per session… as you slowly creep down the thigh…then to the knee…then slowly down to the calf or ankle…and eventually the foot. If need be.

But if your goal is to get to the knee… you can just stay there. Then, after doing a test sting on the knee, during the next session you can do a full sting on the knee…You see the test stings allow the body to get used to the venom… without overloading the extremity with too much swelling or herxing…

If your goal is to eventually get to your calf or ankle… You follow the same concept and slowly creep with test stings down to where you want to go….

But listen to your body…If it feels like you have done too much on an extremity, go back to all spine stings.

Please do not sting below the waist too early… After 3 months, you can start off by doing one test sting below the waist at L-1. If all goes well, you can go to L-2 with a test sting in the next session… and so on. If you fell you have done too much on the low back… go back above the waist. You can always come back later.

Never sting the head before stinging the neck. You always start to sting the neck by starting with one test sting on C-7. You only do one test sting per session. And you will slowly work your way up to from C-7 to C-6 and so on… till you get up to C-1. then you do the same thing on the other side of the spine… starting with C- 7…. over 7 sessions you will arrive at C-1 on that side. So I am recommending 14 test stings to get the neck used to the venom…. So you will be doing both sides of the 7 cervical vertebrae. Neck stings create large heroes sometimes… that is why I am so cautious there.  After all the test stings on the neck you can full stings on the neck… but not too many in one session. Only after doing some full stings on the neck and tolerate them well… you can sting the back of the head. I would not recommend stinging the crown or top of the head… but you need to do test sting on the head ( one per session ) before doing full stings on the head. Also… do not sting the face before stinging the hair of the head. I would always do test stings on the face ( one per session) before any full stings there. My favorite face sting is Gall Bladder – 1…which is on the temple beside each eye. It is excellent for vision problems.

I really hope this helps to explain my protocol for starting to sting the extremities.

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