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~ Bee Curious ~

~ Bee Curious ~

~ To see Amber Rose’s Personal Facebook page, click the link below. This is a chance to learn more about her ~

~ Bee Curious ~

Our first Pioneers Introductory book (“Pioneers: Healing Lyme with Bee Venom Therapy”) is out of print!!

Dr. Rose also has come out with a NEW workbook. It covers Bee-Acupuncture Treatment Plans and Pathways. It is available on Amazon:


~ Bee Curious ~

Listen to a 3 hour podcast by Amber Rose in March 2010 with a fabulous Q and A section! (Cut and paste the url below to listen to the podcast and see one of her unique Five Element questionnaires.)

~ After stumbling on the amazing healing power of honeybees, Amber opened her home in Bethesda, Maryland and created a free clinic to sting people with bees. Inspired by the remarkable recovery of her patients, Amber wrote the award winning book, Bee in Balance. Considered by many to be “The Bible” on Bee-Acupuncture, Bee Venom Therapy (BVT), this book is bound to be a classic.

Amber Rose is a pioneer in a whole new field of medicine. Her approach to healing is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Amber is convinced that the art of Classical Acupuncture and Bee-Acupuncture (BVT) is sacred medicine. She continues to travel all over the world giving lectures and demonstrations to those in need of healing. Amber was also on the Board of Directors of the American Apitherapy Society.

~ Bee Curious ~

To hear Dr. Rose’s other podcasts click on the following link: where you will find her podcasts are #s 11-14.

For any inquiries related to Dr. Rose’s availability for speaking engagements, personal consultations, workshops, podcasts, or treatments, feel free to email her directly at:

BEE IN BALANCE (for healthcare professionals) by Amber Rose,  Rev., Ph.D., LMSW, l.Ac., L.Ac. can be ordered from Amazon by clicking on the following link:

Dr. Rose’s second book – Penetrating Heaven: Treating by the Spirit of the Points (for health professionals) is about the healing power of Classical Five Element philosophy. It is the only book on the planet that contains “The Jade Book.” This book stands alone or makes a great sequel to bee in balance!









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