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March 21, 2018

Spring has arrived and the bees are flying out of the hive to gather nectar and pollen to make honey! Bees are the most altruistic creatures on the planet…. They pollinate our crops, give us honey, pollen, beeswax, propolis, royal jelly, and the amazing power of bee venom, a healing medicine.

 Aerodynamically bees are too heavy to fly but they don’t know it… So they fly anyway. They accomplish the impossible, – they defy gravity by flapping their wings 11,400 times a minute. Bees exist at a high vibrational level and therefore, all the products of the honeybee contain vibrational medicine. I believe that honeybees are God’s little doctors. If you are stung by a honeybee the venom goes where it is needed the most!

Today we will give thanks for all the honeybees because we could not live without them. Albert Einstein said that if the honeybees disappeared from the earth that the human race could only survive three years. We cannot let that happen!


May  31,2018     Holy Saturday


Some people are not willing to do Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) because the honeybee dies when her stinger remains in the skin after she stings. As I said above .. honeybees defy gravity – so bee venom is truly vibrational medicine. Being stung by a bee is an energy transplant, – a life force transplant…Therefore, the soul of that honeybee lives on the person forever. It helps that person defy gravity and undergo miracles. Honeybees sacrifice their lives for use. pollinating crops and creative so many wonderful healing medicines in the process. It is fitting to mention this on Holy Saturday, halfway between Good Friday and Easter. Christ sacrificed his life for other… He was resurrected and lives on in those who BEE-lieve. The proof of his Resurrection is his eating honeycomb and fish with his disciples.


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